Malaysia Visa Check Online by Passport Number – All Countries 2018

Malaysia Visa check status online is the main topic for this visa checking article! I will teach you to step by step about checking a Malaysia Visa Status. Ministry of Immigration authority of the Malaysia Government gives a visa as like work permit for the people who want to come in Malaysia for working purpose. These workers are applying for various kinds of visa such as Professional Visa or Calling Visa. Also, students are interested in getting admission in Malay educational institute by student visa and tourists have come to visit different Malay visiting spot by tourist visa. Mainly these 3 categories visa need to check for the worker, student, and tourist even! Here is a full guide for all kinds of Malaysia Visa Check by passport number in online.

In every year a lot of Manpower is imported by Malaysia from all over the world. But basically Malaysia import manpower from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Vietnam and other countries all over the world.

How to Online Malaysia Visa check?

Today I will share gorgeous tips about Malaysia visa check. Firstly see the YouTube Video to check a Malaysia Visa.

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Online Malaysia Visa Check Related Video

Here is the video for verifying a Visa for worker (professional). This YouTube video maybe helpful for your visa verifying operation. Please comment under the video and like the video if the it help you a lot.

I hope “if you watch the above YouTube video; You have already learned how to check a Malaysia Visa Online. But I share a writing tutorial with a lot of helpful screenshot for your more information and more help πŸ™‚ After reading this article everyone can check Malaysia Visa Status online for any countries”

How to Malaysia Visa Check Status Online at a glance?

How can I learn Malaysia Visa Check online by passport number?
asked Jan 02 ’18 at 01:38
The questioner: Mr. Firoz Iqbal

Need internet connection first

  1. Checking Calling Visa: Just collect the Visa application number and input on theΒ Nombor Permohonan Box. Finally, tap submit (carian).
  2. Professional Visa: Find the code (Nombor Permohonan) underside of the barcode. Submit the code and Passport Number.
  3. Student Visa Checking: Only passport number enough.
    Answered at: Feb 14 ’18 at 22:13

(The best information for checking all kinds of Malaysia Visas).

I will share the step by step Malaysian professional visa check online process within few minutes. To make sure that your visa is an original visa. This is an awesome process for immigration Malaysia check work permit πŸ™‚

Many Malaysian people or worker ask me a question: “how to check Malaysia visa is original or fake?” or How to check “pertanyaan status permohonan“?

I always answered them thus way, check your visa on the Malay Govt.’s official visa information checking e-services website or go to the Malaysian embassy for getting the more and more information about your visa.

Ok, let’s go… Online Malaysia Visa Check. However, if you need to track Germany Visa Status also!

Some Malaysian Language to Easily check the Malaysia Visa Status

The official website language is totally Malayan. As a result, It is more difficult to check a visa. So you should learn some Malay Language / Word. I will teach you! Just learn 4 (four) Malay word to check your visa. I Especially recommend that please learn these words below; Such as –

Nombor Permohonan” is an Malaysian Language the meaning of the word is “Application Number

Pasport/Travel Dokumen Nombor” that means Your “Passport Number

Warganegara” It is your “Nationality

Carian” means “Submit”

After learning Malay words; follow the instructions below.

Official Web Page of Malaysian Immigration and Malaysia visa check by passport number

This link the official website for check a Visa of Malaysia. You should go the link first to check a visa of Malaysia.

:::: This is the visa check link::::

Go the above link and fill up the form carefully. Carefully type all information and recheck the given information before submitting the link. See the screenshot below.

Malaysia visa check by passport number (1)

Fill up the full information such as Your Visa Application Number, Your Passport Number and Select Your Nationality/Country.

Now check and Re-Check your details once again and, finally click on the “Carian” or “Submit” Button to Online Malaysia Visa Check by passport number.

How to Print the Online Malaysia Visa Check Print Copy?

Malaysia visa check by passport number (2)

See the above details. This is your total details about the visa. So check this details very carefully and print the visa check copy. Just click on the arrow sign link (on the Image above). After clicking on the visa status link you will find a new pop-up window, this pop-up window contains your visa. Now press Ctrl+P from your Keyboard and print the visa check copy.

Malaysia visa is being processed

If there is no link to print your visa or find “SEDANG DIPROSES“. So your visa is now in processing. It needs more time to fully processed you the visa. To fully process your visa; contact your visa agent or contract to the Malaysian Immigration Department to Online Malaysia Visa Check & printout visa status.

Some more information about Malaysia visa- What is a Malaysia Professional Visa?

“Professional Visa” is one kind of “Free Visa”. It is well known as “Free Visa” in Indian Subcontinent. Professional Visa means you have a work permit of freely work for any company or anywhere in Malaysia.

You can leave, join or re-join any company or workplace. Malaysian Police can’t arrest you for this reason. But professional visa is very hard to manage or collect. Also, the professional visa is very costly.

As a result, some people are taking the evil way. They apply for the student visa and mainly they are not the student. They go to Malaysia for work and, earn money.

Malaysia Student Visa Check by passport number only!

Student Visa cost is very low. This kind of visa needs 50% cost of the Professional visa.

Visa agents are the lure to the worker. Agents said, “you can work at Malaysia, However, you will go to Malaysia via student visa”.

But this is a fake and fraud! Because Malaysian government does not give you the permit to work in this country. Whereas, you have gone via a student visa.

So while you work at Malaysia, The Malaysian Police will arrest you for the violence.

As a result, I finally recommend you that: You should go Malaysia with a professional visa; Otherwise, this enough to destroy your life. Also! I recommend you should check the visa before paid your agent.”

But if you want, go to Malaysia for the only study. You can go with a student visa.

:::: Education Purpose or Student visa check link::::


Dream of Malayan Worker or Foreign Worker?

Before going to Malaysia for the purpose of working or education; every foreign Passenger or foreign worker must be should to done his visa checking process immediately. Because most of the visa agents are cheated.

So be careful more and more. While a person wants to go to aboard for change his future or to make an excellent future for getting a peaceful life with his family and friends. Also, the worker wants beyond his poverty and economic money problems. He dreamt a dream about a healthy and wealthy life for his own and family life! He thinks money is the key to success for him. So he strictly committed to going aboard such as Malaysia, for income a lot of Malaysian ringgit. This is his dream and needs for his family life.

But it is sad because major times they cheated by the visa agents πŸ™ As a result, every worker 100% should check his work visa or student visa via the Malaysian government authority’s official online based Malaysian visa check e-service website. Here is an article for Dubai Visa Status Check.

In the official website, there is another option of Malaysia visa check dp11 and Malaysia visa check dp10. So you can check your all kinds of visa from this e-services website. So first of all, Malaysia visa check online; it is maybe the best for you.

Malaysia visa check online is necessary for every Malay worker

It is the main necessary work before going aboard. Do not pay your agent a single money before successfully check your visa and related documents. After fully confirm that Malaysia immigration check passport number your documents are good and verified; then give money to your visa agent.

Ok, No more today about Online Malaysia Visa Check. If any kinds of questions about the Online Malaysia Visa Check; please tell the questions via the comment box.

Malaysia Visa Check New Update System in March 2018

We believe that this tutorial is the very helpful for our visitor. As a result, all-time Web Aid Line is updated new system of every tutorial. In March 2018, Malaysian authority of visa checking website for Malaysia visa status has no change in this month! It is a good news. But if you are a new visitor of us; first of all, you should learn some Malay language first for easily understand the user interface (UI) of official Malaysia visa check the web page of Malaysia immigration authority.

So go to the top site of this article and learn above Malay words with our language expert!

If any changed have come on the official authority’s web page; We will inform you as soon as possible and Web Aid Line’s expert will be updating this tutorial! Thanks for stay with us πŸ™‚

Malaysia Visa Update News for April 2018

As a very important matter generally, we always share every month’s visa checking update news! In this way now we shared the recent update news of April 2018 about the new Malaysia visa check system.

The North Korean citizen can go Malaysia without visa permit. But recently Malay government has been stopped the free entry for the North Korean citizen. You can read here the details news.

From the first week of April 2018, North Korean Citizen can’t entry Malaysia without a visa.

Without above news, in this month there is no remarkable change on the visa server. If any change will be seen; we will inform you as soon as possible πŸ™‚

New update of Medical instructions for applying for a Malaysia Visa:

During the last month, I was contacted by an agent office of visa processing. The agency name is “Muscat Air International Air Travels” for processing a visa of Malaysia. I want to send my younger brother to Kuala Lumpur for the purpose of earning money by working.

When I was asked the agent about supplying a visa in quick time! The visa officer says me “workers medical information is now very hard in 2018 rather than 2016. Before applying for a work permit, every passport holder worker’s need to check his medical information. And, nowadays full body checking is very hard and costly too!”

Yes! he was said right. A huge change has made in the immigration section! Firstly, you need a passport with minimum 20 months validity. Under 20 months validity, you can’t apply for a Malaysia Visa. This a new rule by the immigration authority of Malaysia.

You have another news also! not only minimum 20 months passport validity. Recently, you also need an online based full body test medical report with 10 fingerprints even!

Online Medical Checkup is now very expensive πŸ™ It takes 200% more cost in any hospital! In Bangladesh, it took minimum 5300/- for a single air passenger. But last year the amount of cost was only ৳1200/- in Bangladesh and other countries such as Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Nepal, Maldive, Bhutan and other all country of the whole world!

So do you know? How much hard and costly now to get a Malaysia Visa?

But, people who want to go to Malaysia, he must go! and carry the costs πŸ™‚

Malaysia Visa Check Update System for May 2017

This article is about check Malaysia Visa is original or fake. All-time Web Aid Line is careful with new visa checking system for Malaysia. For this reason, we have regularly updated this article. This part is for May 2017 the new update news and immigration system for Malay. So read the instructions below with very attention. Because these instructions are so much important for the Malay immigration status.

In every month a lot of worker going to Malaysia for earning Money. During last month; the Malay government announced that they will start importing the Bangladeshi, Indian, and Pakistani international workers.

Before three (3) months the Malay Immigration Ministry cannot import the Bangladeshi worker. As a result, people who want’s to go to Malaysia; they were unable to get a visa from Immigration.

Almost all the workers are suffering from hesitation and confession for his money who is deposited at visa agent office!

But it brings out a new good news for the fore-gain worker! During the last month, there was a contact between Bangladesh Immigration Authority and Malay Immigration Ministry.

Both of them are decided to exchange manpower and money!

Malaysia Visa Check Status Update News of October 2017

During the last month, I have passed a Bangladeshi worker to Malaysia. This visa was a calling visa. Recently, there is no professional visas are available to the Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Indian workers. As a result, workers are going to Malaysia depending on the calling visa. Basically, such kinds of visas are very good for the unskilled workers. It is a factory visa also! The workers have no need to earn working skill before joining his workplace. It is one kind of laborer visa.

How to check Malay visa in October 2017?

However, as a calling visa, you need to provide the visa reference number only for Malaysia visa check in October 2017. Here is very sensitive information to check a visa of Malaysia for October 2017. Read every single part of this article; for know more about the full process.

How much time need to process a Malaysia Visa?

After giving the passport to your visa office; your waiting time has been started! Because there is no limitation for Malay entry or Malay work permit!

But generally, it needs minimum 15days and maximum 2 (two) month only. Sometimes an agent or Malay visa office works slow πŸ™ As a result, visa process takes a long time.

In the major time, probably agent can’t give the money of the visa office. So the visa office has is not able to start your visa processing without charge.

So, contact your agent and give presser him for quickly get your Malaysia work permit visa. Before, selecting an agent, every foreign worker should test the background or past history of every visa agent.

What about Malaysia Calling Visa Status?

Some of my visitors ask me about telling something for Malaysia Calling Visa and how to Malaysia Calling Visa Check in online by passport number or other document numbers such as visa number or visa application number.

Calling visa is one kind of group visa. Generally, such kind of visa is processed by the workers country’s government. It is also well known as government visa. But it is not a full government visa. The Government authority just merely supervision your visa process.

But I think, these visas are very powerful and good for every worker. I especially recommended for this kind of visa.

How to Malaysia Calling Visa Check?

Malaysia visa sticker check is very easy! And you can check a calling visa in online by your visa number only. No required the passport number. When your agent or visa office give you the visa copy. You can find an important serial number on the upper side of the visa copy. Normally, this number is printed on the barcode area. Example of the number: BPA/FWCMS/GFAB1601151203.Β But sometimes it varies for the others visa. Input your visa application number (such as- BPA/FWCMS/GFAB1601151203) on theΒ Nombor Permohonan box.

Calling Visa check Link:

Difference between Malaysia Calling Visa and Malaysia Professional Visa

There is a lot of difference between Malaysia Calling Visa and Professional Visa. If I want to describe the differences in a short time; I need to say-
“Generally if your government process and fully take care of your visa, this visa is well known as a calling visa. And, If you contact a Malaysian factory or group of companies for your job in privately; this kind of visa is known as Professional Visa”

Malaysia Work Permit Check Online and Malay Immigration Review 2018

Everybody should check his work visa review first and then paid for the Malaysia Work Visa permit. Because Malay Government uploads a visa review on their immigration website. You can check the work permit review on those websites in online via your passport number and the visa application number.

But sometimes “visa reference number” need to check the visa review and find out your contact form information. All kinds of job-related information are available there such as your monthly salary, basic salary, medical, entertainment, home rent and overtime work (OT) etc info.

Malay Government want’s to tell you the real and final decisions about your contact form of the work permit paper. The permit sticker is building with your stamp size photograph and the sticker is likely a red color paper. But the text is black color. To check the Malaysia Visa Status sticker follow the above instruction.

This sticker is enclosed with your passport number. There is a permit reference number also given on the sticker. A permitted person can check the Malay Visa Review by his Passport, Ref, and Application number!

At the paragraph of Conclusion for Malaysia Visa Check

After reading and finishing the above information. I think these articles contains A to Z information about Malaysia visa check and Malaysia visa status related all information. Thanks for stay with us!

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  1. Hai sir my name is abins,I need to check my work permit is original I got my permit stamped in my passport actually I need to confirm is it originally.

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    • If the agent or office is not fully paying the Malaysia Immigration authority; then it said or shows sedang dipproses. It means your visa is Partially created. But not fully created. So, I think you should contact your visa provider and then talk him about the visa payment process. Thanks for your valuable inquiry.
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    • Nombor Permohonan is the Malay Language. In English- Visa Application Number. I recommend you to read the full post once again. As a result, you will understand the full process.

  6. One of my brothers is now in jail in Malaysia. He was going to Malaysia with the work visa. He is arrested by the Malay immigration police. But how we can resolve his problems from Bangladesh. What should we do at this time?

    • Malay Jail is very dangerous! And, they moved arrested persons in jail to jail within a week for a minimum 2 times.
      If your brother’s company will help your brother, then he will free from the police from few days.
      Otherwise, you need to wait for 2/3months. After the period Malay government will be returned him into your country.


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