Germany Visa Status, And The Easy Method To Check And Track It

Checking the Germany Visa Status before receiving it is vital. You may have to wait a long time, depending on the length of time for processing. It has to go through a lot of inquiry. Understand that you need to submit the Visa Application 3 month before your trip. If you do not consider this, then you will not get it on time. The country made it easier to apply for Visa; you will get all the data online on their website. Not only this, you can use online too. In this article the primary concentration in on how to check and track the Visa status.

Germany Visa Check: What Are The Types Of Visa They Offer?

Germany Visa check enables you to go through all types of Visas available for you. First, you need to know about the kinds they offer for staying. There are three categories. And you need to know about checking Germany Visa Status. Here is also another gorgeous informative article about how to check Malaysia Visa Status.

Germany Visa Status Check And Track

Uniform Visas
In Uniform Visas, you are allowed to visit 26 countries of the Schengen region. Read below for more information.

Airport Transit Visa
It falls under the category of A according to them. Here, the holder can travel through the international zones of Schengen territory. But they will not enter it. It is for those who have to fly from non-Schengen area to another.

Short-Term Visas
It falls under the category C according to them. Under this, there are three available.

  1. Single Entry- The holder can travel in the Schengen area for a period. But he cannot leave the place for once during the visit. If he goes off to other sites, then the Visa will expire.
  2. Double Entry- It is same as the Single Entry, but the only difference is you can visit the area twice. The visa will expire on the second time you leave. The Germany Visa Status will show which one you applied for the visit.
  3. Multiple Entry- The holder of this can travel within the Schengen territory. That is they have the right to visit 26 countries within 90 days period. They can enter and exit as many times they want.

Visa With Limited Territorial Validity
The holder of this can only visit areas marked with a sticker on their Visa. They cannot travel to other places within the Schengen territory.

National Visa
It falls under the category of D according to them. The holder uses it for a specific purpose such as studying, working or residing. They can stay as long as the work completes. After that their Visa will expire and will have to return. Above visas are the main way for immigration to Germany.

Germany Visa Status: What are the Requirements for applying for it?
If you are planning to look into the Germany Visa status, then you need to apply first. There is a list of things you need to provide to the embassy.

1. Passport
You need to present a valid passport that should have at least six months left before expiry. If it is less than that, the embassy will not accept it.

2. Photo
You must give out two passport sized photos that are clear. Also, the picture should have good a resolution to have a proper view of everything.

3. Proof of Accommodation
It is the list of bookings and reservations you made for the stay in Germany. You must provide the bills of transport and hotels for this. Also, in this, you must give the details of your flight bookings. It will help the embassy to cross-check your travel plans.

4. Health Insurance
They want you to provide information on the health insurance that will cover the tour.

5. Bank Statement
You need to give a three-month bank statement. It should have all the details of your transactions within that period.

6. No Objection Letter
It is a letter that helps to ensure the embassy your current status. In general, it shows that you have the permission to travel. And you can get this from your employer of educational authorities.

Why Do You Need To Check Germany Visa Status?
Applying for Visa is not as easy as it may seem. You need to provide proof of accommodation and transports. For this, you have to buy the air tickets before applying for the Visa. Also, you need to reserve hotels and provide the documents. So, checking the Germany Visa status becomes essential. If the Visa does not approve by the embassy, then you may face a huge loss. The investments you made in the bookings will all go in vain. Also, it is possible that the Visa may take longer than expected. So, it is best to check on it now and then. If you need to Saudi Visa Status Check; Click here

Method for German Visa Tracking
For checking it, you need to follow a specific procedure. Remember, it is an online method. Read below for the step by step process.

First, you need to go to the tracking website. It is a webpage, and the link is given below for ease of access.

Step- 2
Enter the reference number in the first box. You can find this on a receipt given to you by the embassy.

Step- 3
Enter your last name in the second box.

Step- 4
Then below, you will see a Captcha Box. Type the two words/numbers in the last box. If you do not understand, then you can always reset and start from the beginning.  After this Submit it, and you will know the whereabouts of your Visa Status.

Indians can use SMS system for German Visa tracking using passport number. It is an additional service, and you have to know your passport number. For this, open your message option and type VISA GER PASSPORT NUMBER. And then send it to 57333.

Final Words
In the end, I would say the Germany Visa status is not complicating. The process is straightforward. So, you can follow the above method for German Visa Tracking for Indians. Also, it is applicable for other nationalities. Not only this you should consider checking the type of Visa you want as there is a variety of them. So do not sit back. Apply for the Visa, so that you can have a fantastic stay in Germany. Thanks for Visiting 🙂

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