Whatsapp App Download New Version for Android, iOS & PC

Whatsapp is the most popular messaging social media app for the worldwide. About 1 billion peoples download WhatsApp app, and they are using the WhatsApp every day for communicating each other. Whatsapp also helps a user to call the voice and video and sending the voicemail, image, video, content and many other. If you want to use WhatsApp on your smartphone device, you need to follow some step. Here the full step of downloading and installing the WhatsApp app. now read how to download the WhatsApp app easily.

How to download WhatsApp app New version

Now Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app. over the one billion people are using the WhatsApp for communication with each other.for using the WhatsApp you must need the download and install WhatsApp. Now see how to read how to download WhatsApp app.

WhatsApp App Download

Download Whatsapp by using the Google search

If you want to download the WhatsApp on your smartphone, you need to go to the google by using any browser. After going to the google then tap on the google search box and type the “download WhatsApp.” Then you can see many web site which helps you to download the WhatsApp, but you can go to the official website for downloading the WhatsApp app. you can find the official website on the 1st position. You can also directly go to the whatsapp[dot]com/download

How to install WhatsApp app

If you want to install the Whatsapp on your Android or iOS device, you can do it in many ways. Like if you area iOS device user you can install the WhatsApp on the iTunes or if you are android phone user you can install the WhatsApp from the play store. Now read how to install WhatsApp.

How to install Whatsapp on the iPhone

First, go to the iPhone’s App Store then tap the search option after that tap the search bar. You can find the search bar on the top of your iPhone screen.  Then write “WhatsApp” in the search bar and tap the search option. After that, you can see the WhatsApp app on the iPhone screen 1st position. Tap the get option. Now tap on the install button and install the WhatsApp app. when you tap on the install option then sometimes you need to give the Apple ID and password. Now, wait a few moments for complete the download and install.

When WhatsApp download complete, then you need to open the app. then you can see a popup window for allowing the content permission. You can click the ok button to enable the authorization or cancel for disallowing the consent. Then tap the Agree & Continue option. That means you wholeheartedly agree to the WhatsApp terms and condition. The submit your phone number and wait for a few seconds. After a few seconds, you can receive SMS from the WhatsApp. That SMS is WhatsApp account confirmation message. You can see the message six digit secret code. When you submit the six-digit secret code on the WhatsApp, it automatically confirmed.

But sometimes for the technical problem, you cannot receive the WhatsApp confirmation message. For that, WhatsApp has the 2nd method for confirmation the WhatsApp account. That technique is a calling system. If you do not receive the SMS from the WhatsApp, you can click the call me the option, and after a few seconds, you can find a call from the WhatsApp. When receiving the call, you can hear a voice that gives you a six-digit secret code for confirming your WhatsApp account.

Setting up the WhatsApp

Now submit your photo by clicking the photo option. After selecting the photo, the photo automatically uploaded. Then give your name. If you have any restore file, you can tap the restore option for restoring the old message. After that click the done option. Now you successfully install the WhatsApp on your iPhone device.

How to install and download the WhatsApp app on the android device

Whatsapp app for Android

For download the WhatsApp on the android device you need to go to the play store. After going to the play store then click the search option. Then write the WhatsApp on the search bar option. Then click the search option for finding the WhatsApp app. then you can see the WhatsApp in the 1st position. Now tap on the WhatsApp. Then tap on the install option. When you click the install option, then you can see the popup window that a notice or permission. Now click the accept option. Then wait few moments for install and download WhatsApp app. Now follow the same step that you see on the iPhone WhatsApp setup.

Download WhatsApp app on for the desktop

If you want to use WhatsApp on your computer, you need to download the WhatsApp software for the pc. Now go to the official WhatsApp site at whatsapp[dot]com/download/ then click the download option. Then click the download option. When you click the download option, it will start the download. Then wait to finish the download. But remember that when you download WhatsApp app for the pc, you need to download by adjusting your pc operating system bit. If your operating system is 64 bit, you need to download the 64bity version WhatsApp. Or if your pc is running the 32-bit operating system you need to download the 32 bit WhatsApp software.

Now double click on the download file and complete the install. Then open WhatsApp on your smartphone. You must have the install WhatsApp on your Android or iPhone device. Without smartphone WhatsApp, you do not feel able to succeed in using the WhatsApp on your pc.

Open the WhatsApp code scanner

Now open the WhatsApp code scanner by going to a smartphone app. for the Android device you can tap on the web option for scanner the QR code. If you are an iPhone user you need to go to the setting option, then tap the WhatsApp web option. Then screen the desktop QR code by using your camera. When you successfully scan the QR code on your smartphone, you automatically log in the WhatsApp on your pc.

Have you an old smartphone? Need WhatsApp Old version for your device. Check the attached link to download any historical version of WhatsApp Messenger Application.

Now you know that how to download WhatsApp app on the Android, iPhone, and computer. If you follow all step, you will succeed to download and install the WhatsApp on your smartphone. But remember when you want to use WhatsApp on your pc your phone must have the internet connection. Without internet connection on your mobile, you cannot be able to access to use WhatsApp on your PC.

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