A Guide to Vietnamese coffee

Vietnamese coffee is much stronger and flavorful as compared to the normal coffee. French people were the 1st to introduce coffee in Vietnam when they colonized the country. Soon enough, coffee became a very popular beverage in the country. Over the years, different flavors were amalgamated in coffee to produce different variants. Owing to this very reason, the coffee which you would find today. In Vietnam is entirely different as compared to the normal English coffee. Also, it is pretty strong. Due to this very reason, people from all over the world crave for Vietnamese coffee especially the ones in which. The flavors of other day-to-day food items are amalgamated.

We would today share with you a complete guide to Vietnamese coffee which would help you in choosing the right flavor for yourself.

Guide to Vietnamese coffee

Creation of Vietnamese coffee:

If you look into the manufacturing or the creation process of Vietnamese coffee. I would realize that it is different as compared to the other countries. The beans are ground coarsely which is then inserted into a French drip filter. This filter is then kept over the cup. Thereafter, hot water is added to the filter on the top and it slowly goes into the cup at the bottom. The resulting liquid which is dark in color is often drunk as it is. However, condensed milk can also easily be mixed to make it less dense and less stronger.

The coffee with the condensed milk is known as cap he in the north of the country while in the south it is known as cap he sure.

This is the basic coffee which is widely available in Vietnam. However, if you’re looking into some of the special flavors, you would not be disappointed.

Different types of coffee in Vietnam:

As we stated above, Vietnamese people often mix coffee with various different flavors to provide it a unique flavor. We would now discuss some of these coffee types.

  • Yogurt coffee:

This coffee is also known by the locals as gua chua cap phe. Yoghurt was also introduced in Vietnam by the French. Ever since then, Vietnamese people adopted it wholeheartedly. These days, it also finds its place in the local cuisine as well. The Vietnamese people currently include it as a topping over fruits as well as normal foodstuffs like rice and they also include it in their coffee. On hearing it 1st, you might think that it would not taste good but when you drizzle the black coffee with some Yoghurt, the taste is simply amazing. If you’re heading over to Vietnam, this is one coffee which you should definitely try.

  • Egg coffee:

This coffee also goes by the name of cap he trung. The egg yolk is whipped with condensed milk and the mixture is converted into the froth. The condensed milk also consists of ground coffee beans. The rich concoction is then served in a cup. This coffee was 1st created and sold in the 1940s. Ever since then, it has actually become pretty famous. Also, one of the main reasons why this coffee was manufactured was due to the scarcity of milk. The egg yolk was used as a replacement for milk. However, the locals like the taste so much, that ever since then it is their distinctive coffee recipe.

  • Coffee smoothie:

This coffee is also known as sinh to cap he. Smoothies are a very popular dessert and ever since coffee got blended with a smoothie, the mixture has become quite famous. It is sold in most of the cafes in Vietnam as well. Sometimes the yogurt is also mixed in the smoothie and at other times, dry fruits like cashews are also mixed. In some of the cafes, even tropical fruits are mixed in this coffee to give a distinct taste. It is not uncommon for you to find bananas, avocados and other fruits in such a smoothie. This mixture has become quite popular as it mixes the delicious smoothies with a dose of vitamins in the form of fruits.

  • Condensed milk iced coffee with coconut:

This coffee is the Vietnamese version of iced coffee. It is created by mixing coffee with condensed milk. Also, it consists of coconut. Locally it is known by the name of Bac Xiu. If you’re looking for a coffee which is not too strong and not too sweet either, this is the perfect option for you. The flavor of coconut just adds to the taste.

Now that we have your attention with the different types of Vietnamese coffee which we have discussed, it is time to share with you some of the places where you can have these coffees.

Where to find authentic Vietnamese coffee?

We would go into the details of each and every place one by one. If you are looking to explore Vietnamese cafes, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city order to perfect places to explore not only the coffee but also the Vietnamese culture and local cuisine.

Some of the places where you can sample such coffee are:

  • Trieu Viet Vuong:

This street is located in Hanoi’s Hai Ba Trung district. It is located on the street which is known as the coffee street. If you look at the number of cafes around, you would find that not only, they sell some delicious coffee but also you can sample the local cuisine quite easily as well.

One of the most famous cafes on this street is Café Tho. This Café has been around for more than 3 decades. Owing to this very reason, you would find it always filled with loyal patrons.

  • Café Giang:

Café Giang is located at the Nguyen Huu Huan Street and is one of the best places where you can easily sample the Vietnamese egg coffee. The Café has been around since the 1940s. Even though the restaurant has been renovated plenty of times since then but the basic recipe of the egg coffee remains the same. That is why; if you want a simple authentic Vietnamese egg coffee this is one of the best cafes to visit. If you do not want to drink coffee, you can easily sample their unique recipe of egg foam which comes with mung beans or cocoa beans.

  • Café Pho Co:

If you’re looking for a scenic place to sample authentic Vietnamese coffee, this Café in Hanoi is the perfect place for you. It is located on the edge of Hoan Kiem Lake. The café has a balcony where you can sit along with the other patrons and enjoy your coffee while soaking in the views of the lake. However, this Café is busy most of the times and therefore, be prepared to wait for a while before you get your seat especially on the weekends.

🙂 Pro tip:

Most of the cafes in Vietnam do not serve food. That is why, if you’re going there to find something to eat, you would be surprised. It is better to head over to a restaurant. If you want to have some food with your coffee.

So, if you want to explore Vietnamese coffee, just follow the advice which we shared above and you would be able to easily sample the authentic Vietnamese coffee.

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