Australia Student Visa Status Including Visa Requirements and Procedure

If you intend to study in Australia, you must take over Australia student visa status. However, studying in Australia means a great opportunity. It’s a country of high-quality courses, a welcoming and friendly environment for international students with an excellent lifestyle.

After choosing your preferred Australian course, the next thing is to prepare for your student visa. Remember that students had to submit their visa at least three months ago and it takes 28 days on average to be granted. To apply for a student visa in Australia online or from your nearest embassy in person and took the opportunity of studying there.

Australia Student Visa Status: The Requirements for Applying For It

If you are planning to look into the Australia Student Visa Status, then you need to apply first. Here are some requirements that you need to provide to the embassy.

Australia Student Visa Status and Visa Requirements and Procedure


During applying for Visa, you need to present four passport-sized photos that are clear. In this regard make sure the pictures you are attaching should have the resolution to have a proper view of everything.

Medical Test

As a student, you have to register for a medical exam before applying for the visa. You need to provide them enough information on the health insurance that they require. Most of the cases the authority asks for a medical or radiological report from those who intend to train as a dentist, nurse or a doctor. So if they ask for, then you need to take an appointment with a doctor with the approval of the Australian immigration department.

Proof of Sufficient Funds

A student needs to present a proof of sufficient fund before applying for the visa. Besides this, it requires you may have to pay an additional fee for your medical test. This cost includes your tuition fee, living and travel cost. According to our research, you have to pay for AU$19,830 (~US$15,170) as your living value apart from travel and tuition for Australian student visa. Remember, this is the cost for a year, and it gives as a reference of 2016 Australian visa requirement. Now the amount may be a little more, to get the current details, please visit their official Australian Visa Website.

Another thing we need to mention here if you have any dependency while applying for the visa, for example, you have wife or children then that case you need to show evidence. Even you have to submit the proper documents that you are capable of bearing their living cost as well as your child’s school fees. If that not possible you can adopt an alternative way.

In that case, you have to show documents that prove your parents or spouse are willing to support you, and they earn at least AU$60,000 (~US$45,850) a year.


You need to provide attested copies of X, XII and graduate degree. Also, attach mark sheets including Backlogs.

English Proficiency

Students have to prove he/she can speak English up to a required level either he comes from a non-English speaking country or doesn’t have a minimum knowledge of English. Then after applying, you may need to attend an interview depending on your situation. In this addition, your scores in TOFEL, IELTS, CAE (Cambridge Advanced English) will be a plus point for you.

Online Registration

Students can apply for the study visa using the online platform that is easy is quick.

Why Need to Check Australian Student Visa Status

Getting a visa in Australia studying there is a no-brainer. There you have to provide reliable proof of sufficient fund, the statement of your spouse or parents who are earning around AU$60,000 (~US$45,850) a year. The system also requires buying air tickets in advance. Also, here is available Saudi Visa Check information on our server.

That’s why it’s vital to check Australian visa status. In case of your visa won’t approve by the embassy you have to go through a huge loss. Then all your efforts and all the investment you made for the permit will go in vain in a second. Getting a visa usually takes 28 days on average but in bad cases, the visa takes even longer to be at hand.

Henceforth you should check now and then to get the updates. You can get all the updates on their website regarding obtaining a student visa in Australia.

Do you need to check another countries visas? Like Malaysia? Yeah! here is all and everything about how to check Malaysia visa status.

Process of Getting Student Visa in Australia

As it’s an online process, so you have to follow step by step for the apply Australian student visa. To make this journey smooth here we include some easy levels so that you can fulfill the format a while.

Step 1

At first, visit the tracking website. We added the link below for easy access.

Step 2

Now enter the reference number in the first box. Instead, you can have a receipt given to you by the embassy.

Step 3

Enter your last name in the second box. Note-book: German visa status is easy for you! just follow the linked article.

Step 4

At next, you will find a Captcha Box. Here type the two numbers/words whatever shows in the image. In case of you don’t understand anything just refresh and start from the beginning each time. Submitting the documents, you will get to know about the status of your Australian student visa.

In these types, if you can’t choose which option to choose then visit the official website of Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Since you have applied for your student visa in Australia, now wait for your application to proceed. Until then you can track the status of your application on their website and get the update.

Types of Australia Student Visa

Before apply you have to know which kind of visa you are asking. You can take the help of DIBP tool Visa Finder to identify the types. In general, six different types of visa, you can get as options.

  • Higher Education Visa.
  • Non-Award Visa.
  • Postgraduate Research Visa.
  • AusAID and Defense Visa.
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET) Visa.
  • English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) Visa.

Final Words

Now you know that applying for student visa in Australia is not that much difficult because you know how to apply and track your visa status. It’s a straightforward process. To stay up to date get your current Australia student visa status. Regardless this you will get the most accurate information from Department of Immigration and Border Protection website. Hopefully, now you see your path smooth, so don’t sit back. Nonetheless, apply soon and enjoy your study trip. You should read the Dubai Visa Check for increasing your knowledge. Have a safe journey! Thanks for visiting Please share this article on social media; if you realized that, this article is useful.

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