Helpful 10 Best Travel Forums to Get Answers of Travel Related Asks in 24 hours

Forums are always helpful for the people. In every day we need a lot of help or recommendations for taking decision for our various events. As a result, online forums are very useful for such kinds of help. Basically, the traveler needs to make a huge discussion before going to any country of the world. Suppose, he will go to India as a tourist. Now he should choose the best places to visit in India. And, he can choose the best places of India by posting or discussing in any helpful and useful best travel forums.

Here we collect 10 best travel forums by rating the travelers. There are a lot of our friends are the traveler and we survey with them to choosing and rating the forums! We also research on the web and tourism-based TV channel. So let’s go the forum lists.

How we select the best 10?

Firstly the Web Aid Line team manager collect some tourist who travels various places all over the world and they are using the online tourist help n information forums to get answers to his questions about the anything of the trip! And, then the manager collect some online research expert to for online survey. Now the experienced traveler plus the online expert statistician equal-to an awesome team and super metrics to create and choose the world’s best 10 travel forums!

Particle testing report

The team has particularly and practically test the forums response rate and helpful answers or comments even! our online statistician team members are posted different questions related to the various tourism subjects such as best places to visit in countries, good food places in the spot, excellent restaurants information, trip ways and comfortable roads like the plane, train, bus etc.

And they get answers from the forum’s authorities and the other active members! We use the answer time delaying as a metrics! Sometimes the team found an answer within one hour and some forums are delayed more than 24 hours.

After getting the answers; the online survey man tells the result to a traveler team member. The expert tourist justify the answer how much correct!

As these (above) ways we select the helpful-useful and informative 10 best travel forums of the world ever!

10 Best Tourism forum for getting answers quickly

One by one we listed them in serially of super best to best. We tried our best to rated the forums. Wish you good luck for the next trip.

✌1. The Lonely Planet – worlds #1 helpful forum for the Travellerspoint

re that- The Lonely Planet is the world’s best travel forum! Because, after posting a question on the lonely planet forum; within in 1 (one) hour we get a good answer :). Our travelers have tested the answer also! And they say- “This is very informative-useful and 100% relevant to the questions”. Within 24 hours we get 35 answers and our team management was amazed to see the comments and helps. So we decide to rate as number #1.

✌2. TripAdvisor – An awesome forum for A to Z help and advice!

TripAdvisor is very well-know. Also the super best adventurer travel media. Our selector was starting doubt for making the TripAdvisor in the first place 🙂 But we can’t keep it number one for the delay time of our answers. It took more than 3hour to get the first answer of our posted question. But we get a lot of good answers from the TripAdvisor forum.

✌3. Yahoo Answers | Travel – Another wonderful Forum

Yahoo Answer is another familiar and most popular website ever! If you drop a question in the Yahoo Answer’s travel category; Generally you can get a help within 1 or 2 hours. But sometimes it takes a long time much more than 72 hours even!

4. Travellerspoint – Basically build for travel in Asia

TravellersPoint is like a planet of tourists! Millions of tourist are living on this planet 🙂 So you can make a super trip with Travellerspoint. Normally it takes minimum 2.5hours to get answers. But most of the time you can get your result within 3hours. Sometimes you can get the result within few seconds even!

✌5. Trippy – The forum for the traveler!

Write any location off of the planet and get guide instantly! Normal response time is only 2:15hours and gets minimum 5 response within 1 day or 24 hours.

In the place of bottom

Above forums will help you for any kinds of traveling information and your plane-train or bust ticket even! Our specialist team has been continuing the more research to find out and select the next five forums. After finishing the full of researching; then we published the next five. And the post will full fill the 10 best travel forums for you! Thank you for connecting with us.

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