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For all the migrators in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Green Card is the most desired facility. Saudi Arabia is a country of Western Asia. It is a desert country with natural beauty and resources. So, a huge number of people desires to go there for a better-earning source. Normally, Saudi Arabia does not give green cards to all. But, this card is very much needed to some people. All people cannot get green cards. But, only the people who fulfill some conditions can get the green card.

Saudi Green Card with conditions

Dr. Fahd bin Juma, the Vice-Chairman of the Finance Committee, said that Saudi Green Card is not for all expatriates but it is for the selected few. He emphasized that there are some conditions that have to be fulfilled to get the green card. However, there are various points ordaining the expediency of green card. It will offer only for those who are not attainable on the scientific amazement and business material as well as differentiated physicians.

Saudi Green Card Process

Saudi Arabia planned to give a US-style green card. They planned to introduce it within next five years. But their condition is not to give this green card to all the people living in Saudi Arabia. However, the people who will fulfill the conditions will get Saudi Green Card. Following conditions need to be fulfilled to get the green card.

1. Education:

The applicants who want the green card need to be a level of educational qualifications. They should hold a degree or accurate quality in education because the country does not want to lose the educated people as these people are the pillar of the success of the country. So, the country gives them the green card.

2. Country Required Qualifications:

Those who have qualifications which are required in the country can get the green card. We know that all people do not have the proper qualifications that the country actually needs. So, this is why they give it to the qualified people.

3. Scientific Ideas:

In Saudi Arabia, the people who have knowledge about science and can give ideas about this thing can get green cards. Science is mostly needed all around the world. A country which has a lack of idea about science can never get developed and a Scientific idea can benefit the kingdom undoubtedly. So, this is why Saudi government gives the Green Card to them.

4. Political Ideas:

A country must have its political systems. Actually, politics is the column of a country. However, various political ideas develop a country day by day. The people who know about the politics of the country and can deliver ideas about it can get the green card.

5. High Financial Capacity:

The people who have a high financial capacity for investment and the people who can achieve it for the long term can get green card also. They gain from investments and add valorization to the country’s economy. So, they employ Saudi and take the country to the path of development. This is why the country gives them the green card.

6. Professional Qualities:

Green Card will be given to the people who belong to the professional quality. This quality is very much important to be professional with others and it increases the capacity of knowing others and business facilities. So, professional quality is a mostly important factor to get a green card.

Benefits of Saudi Green Card

There are found many benefits of a green card. The benefits of Saudi Green Card are as follows:

1. Job Facility:

A green card holder gets job facilities. He can get a job easily. But the people who have not green cards face problems finding jobs. A green card holder also can switch a job easily without showing any conditions to anybody.

2. Visa Facility:

The people who have green card get visa facilities. He can easily find visa for himself and for his family also. So, he does not face the visa problem like others. They can obtain a visa in a short time and they can also easily extend the visa of their family members.

3. Get Permanent Residence:

A green card holder can own a real estate or a home on his identity. He will also get a permanent residence to live. It is a very good flavor to the holder of a green card.

4. Own Business:

It allows a green card holder to run his own business by his own name and he does not need any Saudi sponsor. Moreover, he can be his own sponsor and can run business easily. It will also help him to develop his business rapidly.

5. Various Privileges:

Green card holders get various privileges. They can move easily around the country and never have to face any political problems. Even, because of this green card, they get a point to achieve Saudi Nationality.

6. Annual Fee:

The annual fee of the Saudi Green Card will be changed. And, it will be 14,200.

7. Monthly Pension on Retirement:

A green card holder will get a monthly pension on retirement like a Saudi citizen and it is a great facility to them as they will not be deprived of this facility.

8. Services on Government Hospital:

In Saudi Arabia, medical treatments are really good. The green card holders will get free services and free treatments. However, they get the same facilities like Saudi people in the Government hospital.

9. Educational Facilities:

Green card holders get the same educational facilities like the citizens. So, they can study in their favorite institutions and it’s a great opportunity for them to learn.

10. Domestic Business:

The people who have green cards get various domestic facilities. They can run their own business very easily and earn from it. Besides, like a Saudi citizen, they get help from Government. No other people or institutions can make any hamper to their business.

However, the Saudi Green Card is very much important to the expatriates. The announcement of a new green card was a kind of music for them as it would make allowance for property investment. And in this investment, they don’t need any sponsor. So, this green card is a real gift for the people from the Government.

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