Lock Drive Without Software, Fully Manually

Recently privacy security is one of the most issues in the world of IT sector. Generally, one more people or family members are using a single PC in our home. As a result, we can not fully protect our privacy by using the home computer. Basically, If we need to save any data on our hard drive; we feel hesitation to keep safe the security of the saved data(s). So we going towards to using a drive to lock software. But, Do you know? There is an awesome system to lock drive without software! If you are already known with the tips; you can avoid this tutorial. But If you are interested to learn how to lock drive manually and without any software, Please stay with me…

Lock Drive Manually- Using Windows’s Default Feature

There is a lot of folder locker software are now getting wet on the Internet. As with the hard drive locking applications are also available on the web. And most of them are premium. But some of them are free for use as a trial version. We will avoid the all of this software to successfully done the task. But how? You can do this through your Windows’s default features. The Microsoft has added the feature on Windows. You should also see Recovery Data From Hard Disk

Let’s see how it is possible:

The first requirement is that you need to log on or start your computer as an administrator. But the main requirement is that you need to format your drive in the NTFS system. Because FAT32 is not supported this. So format your drive in NTFS first.

Suppose, we are going to the “E” drive on our computer. So right-click on the “E” drive icon and then click on the properties option. In a word, firstly we need to open the required drive properties.

drive properties

Now you will find eight tabs of the properties window. You need to click on the Security tab. See the screenshot as like. ~Must see this- Windows Password Reset Without Old Password

Note: If you do not find the Security option, Please going to Control Panel>Folder Option>View and untick the option of Use Simple File Sharing [Recommended] if ticked.

drive lock manually

Now this time, you can see the list of all the user on your computer. Such as Administrator, Guest, My Name, Your Name, Other Name etc. If you want to do the job freshly. So please remove all users from the list you have shown.

Now Follow These Steps:

Click on Add >Advanced>Find Now. In here you need to add two accounts. If you want to only you can enter on the drive E and all other will use cannot the E drive. So you need to add two accounts like Administrator and Everyone.

Now press Enter or click OK button on both windows to exit yourself. Next step is that- Click on the Administrator to open the permission of the administrator column. There is two column in the option you will see. Tick on the Full control button. Then in the same way- click on the Everyone (user) and open the permission of Everyone. And, finally set a tick mark on the Denny option for all. Apply the new settings and exit it by pressing on the OK.

So now if you want to go to the E drive or open, write, read the E drive you need to log on as an Administrator. Otherwise, you can not open the locked drive. Without the administrator, no one (user) can able to open the drive.

So from now you maybe do lock drive without software. It is very easy to do it manually. If facing any problem to do it. Please ask me a question. Or, where you have stuck. Explain to me your every bit of problem. I will help you as soon as possible. Before going out of here your can read another important article How to understand- your computer is affected by Malware

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  1. An appropriate post for me. Manually locking drive always best. Softwares are taking RAM and slow down PC. So without software is best always.


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