Windows Password Reset Without Old Password!!!

Windows Password Reset is an important work. Generally most of the time we use windows. So we face various problems in using windows operating system. This is one of a horrifying problem for the user of this OS.

Objectives of this article:

#How to windows password recovery and windows password reset without password reset tool or password reset disk?

#windows 7 password reset and windows 10 password reset in manually

#Hack* your friend’s computer Password?

How to windows XP password reset?

If you forget your new windows password; what you should do? Are you gonna install a new copy of windows on your PC? Yes, you can reset your admin password or other account’s password via C drive formatting and be installing a new fresh copy of windows from a disk or Pendrive on your PC or Laptop.

But it is very unbearable and boring way. Also, a time-wasting work for you and your all the saved setting will be uninstalled with all software 🙁

Not only these; also you will lose your internet browser’s bookmarks, cache, history, saved password, saved username and all everything almost. It is very dangerous for any computer user.

But, I have an idea for resolving this problem? Probably it will help you. You can change the saved password without typing old password!!! The Windows Password Reset issues discussed below.

Suppose your computer has 4 (four) users and maybe you have forgotten the password of your 2nd (second) user. Or anyone logged in you on his computer but you don’t know his computer’s password. Now you want to change the current password for surprised him.

Windows password reset Related YouTube Video

I have also created a helpful youtube video tutorial. You don’t want to read this full article; you can watch this 2 (two) minutes video change or recover your password.

Windows Password Reset without typing old password

Firstly, you need to log in with any user. Then go to desktop and click on the right button of your mouse on the My Computer. Here is a screenshot for you.

windows password recovery

Now select or click on the Manage. If you properly clicked on the Manage, a new window will open within few seconds.

See another screenshot. This screenshot is your My Computer’s Manage options shot.

windows password reset manually

Now your machine management window has been opened. Here is an option named Local Users and Groups. Click on this options and open it. Now Click on the User menu.

Your PC is now will show you a list of all the users on your windows. Right-Click on a username you want to Windows Password Reset.

windows 10 password reset

And select or click on the Set Password option. Then a new window will be open for setting a new password for your windows and any user of your windows. Another Screenshot for you!

Windows password reset tool

Now a proceed option will appear on your desktop. Click on the Proceed Button for access to set a new password.

Windows 7 password reset

In the first box type a new password and in the second box type the same password again. If you have typed both passwords same and correctly; now click on the OK button.

I think you have already successfully reset your windows password without submitting your old password of windows.

In this method, you can change or windows password recovery in this easiest way. Because it’s no require any kinds of windows password recovery tools or windows password recovery software.

Windows Password Recover Summary:

Here is the summary of this article in a single sentence 🙂

My Computer> Manage> Local Users and Group> Users> Right Click on account> Set Password> Proceed>Type new password>Again Type and Confirm new Password> OK  finally you have Done!

In this way, you can change your password easily.

Without Windows Password Reset tool, you can change or reset easily:

Full Tips in a single paragraph and short sentences

=>Firstly right click on the My Computer.

=> Then click on the Manage Button.

=> Now Dobule click on the Local Users and Group.

=> So Click on Users.

=> right-click on the account you want to change password.

=> Select Set Password.

=> Type and re-type your new password in the both box.

=> Click OK 🙂

=> As a result you have Done!

Thanks to my Almighty and Thanks to everybody.

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