How to understand- your computer is affected by Malware?

At present we are using the computer most of the time in a day. Because the computer is now an integral part in our modern life. And, the Internet is the most important and usable element in computing. After using some days; it has been shown that our computer is not fast working as like the new machine. The machine unable to give us the perfect performance. Though the CPU is looking new and we can not find any problem. After searching a lot we can not find a bit of a problem even! Do you think for once? can your computer be affected by Malware?

Most of the time our computers are slowed for Malware. So today we are going to learning about how to detect your computer is affected by Malware? Related Topic: After data losing for Malware, how to recover data from your HDD.

If you find such kinds of problems on your computer; you should understand that your PC is now running with Malware software(s).

Malware is a short word of Malicious Software. Basically, Malware is used different resources of our computer and then this ware performing his activities. I discussed something more below-

are your PC affected by Malware?


Sometimes we see that our computers are taking a long time (more than normal time) to open the Windows OS. Or when you going to start some weighty software; your computer has been taking a long time to process/open your commend. PC cannot execute your command as soon as possible.

But your PC configuration is very high quality. Though, your PC takes a huge time to open ever software or weighty software.

So now you can think that your computer is now affected by the Malware maybe.


You are browsing a well-known website on the Internet. The website has no popup ads but after every single click, it opened a new popup window. It is sure that you are a victim of any Malware virus/software.


When you browsing the web, if you see a lot of abnormal or unnecessary advertisements are full fill in your browser; you can think your PC is now affected by the Adware.


If the computer displays “Blue Screen Of Death” several times in an hour, day or week; then you should check your hardware like Hard-Disk, RAM, Motherboards, SATA cables, CD/DVD writer/ROM and all the connections between the motherboard and other hardware. If no problems found; they can confirm that your PC has single or one more Malware. See how to reset Windows Password without old password.


Sometimes it has been seen in a CPU for activities of an unnecessary network. Also, automatically read and write files in HDD. It also may be affected by the Malware.

I will introduce more about how to confirm that a PC is affected by Malware. Due to time shortage, today I’m unable to take more for this matter. I will describe about this Malware detecting informative post. No more today. Thanks for your support at


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