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Dhikrmatic – Rosary for PC to install it on Windows 10, 11. A complete guide about how to download Dhikrmatic – Rosary software latest versions of Free, Pro and MOD even for mac, desktop, laptop. So, Install Dhikrmatic – Rosary Free Tools App in the easiest method on your Computer.

App Preview & Download

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FAQ & User Guide of Dhikrmatic – Rosary App

*You can easily store your tasbihat with the Smart Dhikrmatik application, which is designed exactly like the real dhikrmatic used in the form of a ring.
*The mobile dhikrmatic rosary application that you can use for the names of Allah (c.c), Salat-ı Tefriciye and prayer tasbihat records all your past dhikrs.
-Usage and features
*Our application, which is exactly similar to the real dhikrmatic, has two keys called counter and reset.
*The counter (large key) counts the number of dhikr you have made and allows you to see it and save it later.
*With the save your dhikrs button, you can name your dhikrs and view them from the list of my dhikrs. If you want, you can continue these dhikrs with the name you wrote specifically.
*It provides conveniences such as easy dhikr and dhikr memorization by writing the dhikr on the screen while taking dhikr.
*The reset (small key) key allows you to reset the number of dhikr you have taken.
*There are menu keys at the top of the dhikrmatic
*Themes – here, you can perform your dhikrs with the dhikrmatic themes, each more beautiful than the other, with the color you want and the dhikrmatics that we have specially designed.
*Vibration-dhikrmatik application gives warning in the form of vibration during dhikr, so you do not have to look at the phone screen during your tasbihat. You can turn this feature off and on at the same time as you wish.
*My dhikrs – You can view and follow all your dhikrs together in one place.
*On the page where you can easily follow your dhikr names and dhikr numbers, you can also continue your dhikr from where you left off or delete your dhikr.
*If you accidentally delete something from your dhikr list, situations such as accidental deletion are eliminated with the smart deletion warning.
*If you accidentally press the reset button, do not be afraid. With the smart deletion warning, situations such as accidental deletion of your dhikr have been eliminated.
Thanks to the Zikirmatik application, the dhikrmatic experience you know is now on your phone and smart devices. With you everywhere. With the Zikirmatik application, you can easily recite the rosary and bring the salawat, and you can easily perform the dhikr that we have postponed, forgotten or missed due to the rush of life.
Dhikr is the safest of the ways that lead people to the Truth. The tasbihat made after the prayers, the prayers said, the most beautiful means of remembering Allah are the flowers of love presented to the Lord of the worlds in the way of servitude. With the dhikrmatic application, we strive to be of benefit to our Muslim brothers and sisters on this path.

How To Download Dhikrmatic – Rosary To Install on PC Windows Mac

The APK edition of Dhikrmatic – Rosary software is available for Android. If the app developer Reklam Faresi has developed an EXE file for Windows and DMG for Mac, then search Dhikrmatic – Rosary software on FileHippo or Apple App Store.

Don’t find the EXE or DMG edition of Dhikrmatic – Rosary software? Finally, an Emulator can help you to install free or pro version of Dhikrmatic – Rosary on PC or Mac.

  • Choose an Emulator like, NOX, MEMU
  • Download Dhikrmatic – Rosary from Play Store or Get APK from WebAidLine

What’s New on Recent Edition of Dhikrmatic – Rosary

Conclusion of Dhikrmatic – Rosary Uploaded by Phước Lộc

Hope the guide and method of installing Dhikrmatic – Rosary on PC like Windows and macOS will be super easiest for everyone. Reklam Faresi is updating Dhikrmatic – Rosary app gradually. So keep your eye on the WebAidLine to get the newest frequently uploaded by Phước Lộc. And, regular visit on WebAidLine to get more apps like Dhikrmatic – Rosary.

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