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All Internet Speed Tester for PC to install it on Windows 10, 11. A complete guide about how to download All Internet Speed Tester software latest versions of Free, Pro and MOD even for mac, desktop, laptop. So, Install All Internet Speed Tester Free Tools App in the easiest method on your Computer.

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FAQ & User Guide of All Internet Speed Tester App

Use Speed-test Master to test your internet speed and check network performance!
With just one tap, it will test your internet connection through thousands of servers worldwide and show accurate results within 30 seconds.

Internet Speed-test app is a professional network speed tester with high accuracy that gives you a really great experience.

WiFi internet speed test app allows you to the internet speed test for android: download speed, upload speed and ping rate of all internet networks right on your phone. Including: WiFi network, 3G internet network, 4G, 5G and LTE internet network.

✨ Key features of the speed test internet app

– Speed test WiFi, 3G, 4G and LTE when downloading, check the upload speed and the ping rate of the network.
– Select different internet networks to check the speed
– Compare internet networks
– Share with friends with just 1 click

– Test your download and upload speed and ping latency.
– Advanced ping test to check your network stability.
– Check WI-Fi signal strength and find the strongest signal spot
– Detect who is using your Wi-Fi
– Data usage manager help you monitor your mobile data usage
– Check your real-time internet speed in the status bar
– Diagnose network automatically when bad connection
– Detailed speed test information and Real-time graphs show connection consistency
– Save internet speed test result permanently

Ping rate internet
– Ping indicates whether your connection speed is fast and stable or not, if the ping returns a high ms, it means that the network connection is not good, unstable, prone to jerks and lag. it is in units of ms (1/1000 of a second)
– A ping rate of more than 150ms can cause lag during games, while less than 20ms is considered a very low latency.

Download speed test

– Download speed is the most important number, measured in megabits per second. It denotes how quickly data is downloaded to your phone, measured in megabits per second.
– Test works by downloading multiple blocks of data into your phone, adjusting the size and number of connections to download as it runs. This maximizes your connection speed, ensuring it works as fast as possible.

Upload speed test
– Upload speed indicates the speed when you upload data. Compare the results of your speed internet with the speed given by the provider, to see if your WiFi network is working properly.
– Upload speed test works like download speed test, but in a different direction. Your phone uploads blocks of data, with adjustments made to make sure it uses the entire range of your connection.

How To Download All Internet Speed Tester To Install on PC Windows Mac

The APK edition of All Internet Speed Tester software is available for Android. If the app developer has developed an EXE file for Windows and DMG for Mac, then search All Internet Speed Tester software on FileHippo or Apple App Store.

Don’t find the EXE or DMG edition of All Internet Speed Tester software? Finally, an Emulator can help you to install free or pro version of All Internet Speed Tester on PC or Mac.

  • Choose an Emulator like, NOX, MEMU
  • Download All Internet Speed Tester from Play Store or Get APK from WebAidLine

What’s New on Recent Edition of All Internet Speed Tester

Conclusion of All Internet Speed Tester Uploaded by 4.1 and up

Hope the guide and method of installing All Internet Speed Tester on PC like Windows and macOS will be super easiest for everyone. is updating All Internet Speed Tester app gradually. So keep your eye on the WebAidLine to get the newest frequently uploaded by 4.1 and up. And, regular visit on WebAidLine to get more apps like All Internet Speed Tester.

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